Saturday, 24 March 2012

List of highly recommended games!

Video games are so awesome. I spend waaaaaay too much time playing them, and I made a list of my absolute favourites......

This is going to be an incredibly long post.


(In a random order)

1. Cave Story - PC/Wii/DSi/3DS/Mac

Duuuuuh. Perhaps the best 2D platformer ever.
Made single-handedly over 5 years by Indie game designer Pixel.
It used never seen before features, such as weapons leveling up and down rather than the characters. It had an amazing storyline (I'm a sucker for emotional games) and awesome music. And the Mimiga are super adorable! It has 3 possible outcomes.

2. Ikachan - PC (There's also an Ikachan-themed mini game on WarioWare DIY)

Another platformer by Pixel. A short game about a cute little Squid called Ikachan.
Swim, Ikachan!

3. Rhapsody - DS/PSP

A Japanese RPG (English version by NIS America) about a girl called Cornet who, guess what, plays the cornet. It has a weird storyline. She has the ability to talk to puppets. The prince of Marl Kingdom gets turned to stone by a Sorceress, and Cornet and her puppet, Kururu go to rescue him.
And then Kururu turns out to be Cornet's dead mother, who dies AGAIN at the end of the game. And Cornet marries the Prince and they all live happily ever after. Except Kururu.
And they sing really cheesy songs in Japanese a lot.

4. The Ledgendary Starfy - DS

This game is so adorable.
It also used a cutscene technique that I'd never seen before, every cutscene was an animated Manga strip.
A platformer staring Starfy, prince of pufftop, as he goes around beating up baddies with his spinny moves!
It bears resemblance to Cave Story, because it stars a race of rabbit-like creatures being kidnapped by a power-mad evil dude.

5. Pokemon Ranger, Shadows of Almia - DS

The second in the Pokemon Ranger series. I've played them all, and this one is by far the best, because it has the Ranger School, your character actually sleeps (unlike Guardian Signs, where your character doesn't even have a ranger base) and it is the only game in the Ranger series that gives you some choice over who your partner is.

 It uses the same storyline that Pokemon Ranger really have used to death -

Team of idiots steal Pokemon
Everyone says 'Nooooo, this isn't a job for a rookie ranger!'
Rookie Ranger (you) saves the day, becomes a hero, the end.

And it has the cool spinny capture system.

6. Dragon Quest IV - DS

I'm a massive fan of the Dragon Quest series, and number 4 is my favourite, because ;

1. You have the option to play as a girl

2. It is played in Chapters, each staring a different Character, and all the characters come together in the final chapter.

I don't want to give away too much storyline, so I'll just list the main characters...

You - Homeless, orphaned , half-zenithian 18 year old.
Ragner McRyan - A castle guard who is supposed to be Scottish.
Torneko Tallon - A shop-worker who is supposed to be Irish.
Meena and Maya - Orphaned French twins.
Tsarena Alena - Russian Tsarena whose Father (the Tsar) has been kidnapped my monsters.

Very Multi-national

Lots of fun. :)

7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series- DS/GBA/WiiWare (WiiWare only available in Japan)

A series of Pokemon games that are the BEST EVEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Contains ;

Red Rescue Team (GBA) and Blue Rescue Team (DS)

Explorers of time (DS) and Explorers of Darkness (DS)

Explorers of Sky (DS)  (A remake of Time/Darkness)

All games star you, a human who has turned into a pokemon and lost their memory. You meet a partner pokemon and form a rescue team / join Wigglytuff's Guild.
For a pokemon game, it has a very dark and emotional storyline, which includes (in Blue/Red) getting hunted down by your neighbours because they want to kill you.

All games reach emotional conclusions.
In Red/Blue , your character ascends back into the world of humans.
In Time/Darkness, you die in front of your partner. (No-one ever dies in Pokemon games!)

Has an amazing soundtrack by Arata Iiyoshi.

8. Rune Factory 2 (DS)

When I first played Harvest Moon, I got bored after a few hours, so I tried Rune Factory 2, A fantasy Harvest Moon.

It was great, it had the farming element from Harvest Moon, and a really good (if a bit soppy) storyline.

It is split into two generations. Generation 1 you play as 'Kyle' (name can be changed). In this generation you can choose who you marry (although the storyline points you to Mana).

In generation 2 you play as Kyle's child (can be a girl or boy) as you try and find your dad.

And you get attacked by angry apple trees! :D

9. The Sims 3 (PC)

Make a town, make some people, destroy their lives.....

I love the Sims. The possibilities are endless. I have one Sim with 33 kids, one with 14 boyfriends, and one who is married to the grim reaper.

Fun :P


So that's it. Phew! :P

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