Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Meet the Mimiga

When I saw the description for cave story on WiiWare , it mentioned 'rabbit-like creatures' and that was enough to make me buy it. Mimigas are the best characters in Cave Story!!!!!
These are some of the Mimiga in the game :
   Toroko - The most adorable Mimiga ever! She lives in Mimiga Village. Her older brother, Arthur, was killed by the doctor. :(
She is the only mimiga that is nice to Sue.
 King - He's the number one in Mimiga village. He looks evil but he's not. He tries to be like a big brother to Toroko after her brother dies. awwww.
 Sue - She's not actually a Mimiga, she's a human who somehow turned into a Mimiga. She's Kazuma's sister.
Chako - Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. She's an awesome purple mimiga who lives in Bushlands.

Theres also a mimiga strangly called Santa who lives in Bushlands. He locks himself out of his house.
 His house is nice. There's a save point, a fireplace , a bed.... and did i mention a death trap? Why is there a death trap in his house????????

Another adorable Mimiga is Chii, a small mimiga that lives in the Plantation. She's adorable. :) She doesn't say much but she's adorable. She's the smallest Mimiga.

There's lots more but they're the most important. :)

Curly Brace :)

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