Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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This will be all about Cave Story , Pokemon and other stuff.

How to get Cave Story

This will not make any sense WHATSOEVER if you don't have cave story. You can do what I did and pay £7 to get it on the Wii then be REALLY annoyed when you realise you could've got it for free on the PC. Or you can just get it in the PC. Whatever you want.

Getting Cave Story on a Windows PC (in english)

2. Download Cave Story (Japanese)

3. Install it by clicking on the file named 'Dokutsu' in your documents.

5. Install the first translater. Don't worry about the OrgView translator.

6. Go back to 'Dokutsu'

7. Tah - Dah!

For some reason this didn't work on my Netbook. I don't know if that counts for all netbooks or if it's just mine playing up.

The website also has links to download on a mac, PSP , XBOX and a bunch of other systems i've never heard of.

You can also get it on Wiiware , Dsiware , and on 3DS. But they cost money. :P

Honestly, you won't regret getting this :)

Well, that's it for now. :)
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